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References & Places Spoken

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"Rabbi Asher & Esther Crispe were a great couple to have as our Scholars in Residence for our yearly weekend retreat. Although Asher's topics are very deep, he is able to bring them down to a level that everyone could understand. Sara Esther really inspired the crowd with her insights and stories. We look forward to bringing them back again and we recommend others to take advantage of this dynamic couple. "
Rabbi Shea & Dina Harlig , Chabad of Southern Nevada

Dear Sara Esther,

On behalf of Lubavitch Women's Organization I want to thank you for sharing with us the important and vital message of "The Art of Giving." Your warmth and wit add tremendously to your excellent presentation. May you continue to inspire many other people.
Chanie Rosenblum, Pittsburgh, PA

"Listening to Rabbi Crispe is a mind adventure that will captivate any thinking person. Rabbi Crispe effortlessly flits from the profundity of Jewish mysticism to science and modern culture and then back to classical philosophy. He weaves a tapestry of insight and meaning, that opens the mind and leaves the listener open mouthed."
Rabbi Ari Shisler, Chabad of Johannesburg

Dear Sara Esther,

I really don't know how to thank you for your outstanding performance on Sunday. I say performance, because it was more than just a talk; it was impressive and memorable, like a great show.

Our students are still talking about your message and are clearly impressed with your honesty and your own stories of overcoming struggles with some very salient issues. I am sure that each girl will find her own way of integrating your message into her life.

Oh, and they are already asking me when you can come back.

Wishing you lots of nachas from all those whose lives you touch with your incredible work.


Dena Gorkin, Principal, Bnos Chomesh Academy

Thank you Sara Esther for a wonderful evening! All the women that came enjoyed themselves very much. The communication skills are great!
Dinie Rapoport, Mequon WI

"The Crispes are an incredible duo. Rabbi Crispe's courses will take his students to the stratospheres and beyond, while Mrs. Crispe's lectures and workshops will ground her students firmly. With keen insights into the most mystical and mundane aspects of our tradition, the Crispes are uniquely qualified to appeal to the full spectrum of listeners. "

Marc Erlbaum, Merion, PA

"Sara Esther Crispe is not only an inspiring speaker; she has the unique ability to engage audiences at every level of Judaism with her down-to-earth, involving style. She doesn’t talk at people, she talks with them. A great teacher, she makes people think, laugh, and most of all, participate. "
Jessica Klein Levenbrown, Writer & Producer of hit show Beverly Hills 90210

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing a truly wonderful job. Your talk was the highlight of the evening and left the women feeling very inspired. We have received much positive feedback about both your talk and your website. Wishing you much hatzlocha in your vital work of inspiring Jewish women worldwide."
Rabbi Zalman and Miriam Heber, Chabad of Pierce County, WA

"Rabbi Asher Crispe is a deep thinker and is blessed with the ability to communicate the profundity of Jewish Mysticism. "
Rabbi Shraga Sherman, Chabad of the Main Line, PA

Canada: Montreal Torah Center; Congregation Shomrim LaBoker; Nshei of Montreal; Jewish Community of London, Ontario; Nshei of Toronto, York University

"Mrs. Crispe is a powerhouse who knows how to make people listen, laugh and learn."
Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, Head Shaliach of Tel Aviv University, author of Family Purity

"Sara Esther Crispe's talk on the subject of mikvah was unbelievable. Informative and stunningly inspirational. Absolutely inspired."
Robert, NY (from a Crown Heights Shabbaton class given to men and women about mikvah)

“Rabbi Crispe, for the first time ever I feel someone has been able to address my intellectual passions and my interest in Judaism. You have given me hope that the Torah really does address every aspect of the world.”
Carol Levy, MA

"Sara Esther Crispe is an engaging, entertaining and powerful speaker. She captivated our audience of both men and women, ranging in levels of observance and knowledge, leaving a very strong and lasting impression."
Mrs. Chanie Wolowik, Chabad of the Five Towns

“Thank you so much Rabbi Crispe for your brilliant lecture. Your class on reincarnation was enlightening and comforting to me, as I recently lost a parent. Your clear and direct approach, not to mention your humor, really brought down very deep concepts to a level that I could understand and relate to.”
Ryan Katz, Boca Raton, FL

"When Sara Esther spoke, there was standing room only. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, months later, people are still raving about it! "
Devorah Gansburg, Coordinator of Jr. Nshei Chabad

"Sara Crispe is excellent - an organized thinker and she clearly respects her audience."
Sheryl, NJ

“I was privileged to hear two of your talks at the Chabad house. They were really inspiring and invigorating. It was the first time I had heard Kaballah and Chassidus elucidated in such a tremendous way and spoken of in terms of existential philosophy and interpersonal psychology. Thank you again for opening this incredible world for me."
Yochanan Ress, Johannesburg, South Africa

Places Where the Crispes Have Spoken:

Africa: Chabad of Johannesburg, Chabad of Cape Town

Australia: Spirit Grow Center, Nshei of Melbourne, Nshei of Sydney

Canada: Montreal Torah Center; Congregation Shomrim LaBoker; Nshei of Montreal; London Jewish Community, Ontario; Chabad of Westmount, York University

Europe: Chabad of Vienna, Austria; Chabad of Warsaw, Poland; Chabad of the Hague, the Netherlands; Jewish Community of Brussels, Belgium; Community of Golders Green, England

Israel: Founders and Directors of Torat Chesed: The Center of Advanced Studies for Jewish Women (1999-2002), Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Kiryat Malachi, Kfar Chabad, Golan, Tzfat, 

South America: Chabad of Caracas, Venezuela; Chabad of San Paolo, Brazil

United States: Jewish Learning Institute Retreat (JLI), Utah; The Joseph and Rebecca Peltz Center for Jewish Life, Mequon, WI; Jewish Women's Circle of Milwaukee, WI, Chabad of Madison, WI; Chabad of Greenwich, CT; Chabad of New Haven, CT, Chabad of Stamford, CT; UJA / Federation, Greenwich, CT; Chabad of New Mexico; Lubavitch Women's Organization, Pittsburgh, PA;  Lubavitch on the Palisades, NJ; Chabad Center, Natick, MA; Shul of Bal Harbour, FL; Chabad Shul of Potomac, MD; Chabad of Riverdale, NY; Nshei of Los Angeles, CA; CHAI Center, Seattle, WA; Chabad of Skokie, IL; Nightlife Program, Crown Heights; Chabad of Boca Raton, FL; Chabad of Orange, CT; Congregation Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe Brighton, NY; Chabad Jewish Center of Martin/S. Lucie County, FL; Chabad Sunny Isles Beach, FL; Chabad of Pierce County, Washington; Bnos Chomesh Academy, NY; Chabad of Stony Brook, NY; Chabad of Ulster County, NY; Chabad of Atlantic City, NJ;  Chabad of Gaithersburg, MD; Chabad of Bethesda, MD; Chabad of Wynnewood, PA; Chabad of the Main Line, PA, Chabad of the Main Line, PA; Chabad of Southern Nevada, LV, Chabad of Wynnewood, PA, Lubavitch of Montgomery County, PA, Chabad of the Hamptons, NY, Chabad of Plano, TX, Chabad of Merrimack Valley, MA, Chabad of Milwaukee, WI, Congregation B'Nai Jacob Park Slope, NY, Chabad of Yardley, PA; Chabad of Center City, PA; Chabad of Brighton Beach, NY, Chabad of Reading, PA; Chabad of Gramercy Park, NY; Chabad of Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Chabad of Wayne, NJ; Chabad of West Orange, NJ; Chabad of West Boca Raton, FL; Chabad of East Boca Raton, FL, Chabad of Boca Raton, FL,  Chabad of the Space Coast, FL, Chabad of South Orlando, FL, Chabad of North Miami Beach; Chabad of Coconut Grove, FL; Chabad of Ft. Myers, FL; Chabad of Sarasota, FL; Chabad of the Five Towns, NY; Chabad of Washington Square, NY; Chabad of Stony Brook, NY, Chabad Community Synagogue, NY; Chabad of Huntington,  Chabad of South Denver, CO, Chabad of the Conejo, CA, Chabad of Skokie, IL, Chabad of Northbrook, IL; Beis Menachem, Chicago; Chabad of Northern Virginia, VA; Chabad of Potomac, MD; Chabad of Chevy Chase, MD; Lubavitch of the Palisades; Lubavitch Center of Essex County; Chabad of the North Shore, MA, Chabad of Lexington, MA, Chabad of Sharon, MA; Chabad of Delaware; Chabad of Alpharetta, GA; The Chevrah, PA...

University and Colleges: Chabad of University of Chicago; Chabad of Boston University; Chabad of Columbia University; New York University; University of Vermont; York University, Toronto; Drexel College, PA; Temple University, PA; University of Pennsylvania, PA, Bryn Mawr College, University of Texas, A&M; University of Texas, Austin; Rutgers University, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Chabad at University, Miami.