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Rabbi Asher Crispe Lecture Topics

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Technology in the Messianic Era and the Economies of the Future: (listen to this class)

Once upon a time the vast majority of the earth’s population was forced to toil to achieve the most basic physical necessities. Agriculture was the most common occupation involving more than 90% of the work force. Everything took a long time to produce. Today, our modernized world is able to produce enough food by in large from the labor of a mere 3% of the people. Increasingly, the way of all work is moving in this direction. The information and communication ages have paved the road to even greater transformations in the way that we live. Now, we stand at the threshold of an even more profound revolution with the exponential advances in nanotechnology and robotics. Where is it all headed? Some have already projected that the “end of work,” at least as we know it, is nearing. From the perspective of the Jewish futurist, armed with the wisdom of Kabbalah, what might we expect to see as these new futures are taking shape? How might we understand these changes in the quality of life we live from within a traditional Torah framework?

Medical Utopias of the Future:
Jewish Reflections on Stem Cell Research, Biogenetic Engineering and Radical Life Extension (listen to this class)

What does Judaism have to say about the elimination of disease, the arresting and reversing of aging and prospects for human immortality? How is the Torah concerned about the quality of life and the retention of life experience? What is the meaning of regeneration and revival of the dead? In this class, we will cast the issues of longevity, health and healing, redemption from aging and death and the body 2.0, in the light Jewish perspectives on the Messianic Age. Simultaneously, we will examine recent medical breakthroughs in the world of genetics, stems cells and nanotechnology in the context of classical Jewish sources.

Alternative Energy and the Environment:
Going Green in Jewish Thought and Culture (listen to this class)

How can the inner dimensions of the Torah direct the search for and harvesting of new untapped supplies of energy for oneself and the world at large?

The Power of Networks:
Jewish Ideas on Being Connected in Today’s World

More and more we are becoming aware of how we are all linked. Six degrees or less seem to separate us particularly when playing Jewish geography. In this case, we will examine how the Jewish Diaspora represents the establishment of a world wide decentralized network. We will also look at the ability of such a network to maintain itself in adverse conditions and to create new emergent properties that hold the potential to bring about a sudden global revolution. In more recent times, the web of emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe established, distributed across the globe, provides an even more striking example of the power of networks that has its roots in the core of Torah teaching.

Kabbalah and Film Theory:
Inner Dimensions of Jewish Hollywood

In an age of information, media rules the world. Broadcasting one’s message with unprecedented amplification is readily possible thanks to radio, television, internet and cinema. Today, film, in particular, has become the literature of the contemporary world. Increasingly, many people filter the world through the movies they watch, using the craftwork of popular culture as the basis for constructing a personal philosophy of life. Since, it is an established principle in Jewish tradition that everything may be found in the Torah, we might venture to ask: where does the Torah anticipate the advent of film and what spiritual lessons may we derive from this? By citing examples of film technology we can draw parallels to the Torah’s doctrine of continual creation ex nihilo. On the artistic side, we can see film genre as fitting the normative conception of the emotions in Kabbalah. Finally, we will film to access a new visual language with which to expand our understanding of what is often seen as the opaque technical terminology of ancient Kabbalistic texts.

Additional Topics:

  • Monkey Business: Kabbalah and Evolution
  • Political Leadership and the Power of Comedy: Why Plato’s Republic should be governed not by Philosopher Kings but Jewish Comedians.
  • Theories of Everything, Hidden Dimensions and Cosmic Symphonies: Jewish Revolutions in Modern Science.
  • Biogenetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics and other Forecasts for the Future in Classical Jewish Sources.
  • The End of Work: A Kabbalistic Understanding of Economies of the Future.
  • The Paranormal: An Understanding of Ghosts, Demons and the Occult
  • The Cure for Insomnia—A Look at the Hebrew Month of Kislev, the Month of Sleep and Dreams
  • The Phenomenology of Boredom—Life in the Void and the Hope of Escape
  • Auto-affectation—Narcissism and the Encounter with the Other
  • Clothed in Clarity Veiled in Light—The Paradox of Modesty
  • Out of Touch—Involvement Without Interference Within the Interpersonal Realm of Human Contact (Shomer Negiah)
  • The Desecularization of the World—Converting Foreign Experiences into a Jewish Spiritual Context
  • The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Parallel Universes—A Brief History of Reincarnation
  • Jewish Perspectives on Christianity
  • Telepathy—The Future of Communication
  •  Mimesis/Poesis—The Therapeutic Sense of Creativity within Judaism
  • Sacrifical Symbolism—A Guide to the Temple Services and Offering
  • The Architecture of Meditation—The Building Design of the Temple and its Vessels
  • Kabbalistic Theories of Film and Media
  • 11 Steps Towards Finding or Re(de)fin(d)ing One’s Soulmate
  • Welcome to the Real World—Passover and the Matrix
  • The 10 Commandments of the Soul
  • Kabbalah and Communication Seminar
  • The History and Meaning of Kabbalah
  • Introduction to the Zohar
  • Metapsychology—Adventures in the Unconscious
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences—Kabbalah and Education
  • The Art of Becoming—The Promise of Personal Growth
  • Gramatology—The Obligation of Writing
  • Creating a New Year—Kabbalistic Equipment for Rosh Hashana
  • Exiles, Displacements and Semantic Wanderings—The Meta-Narrative of Jewish History
  • Spiritual Geography—The Land of Israel Within and Without
  • Introducing Advertising and Marketing Kabbalistically
  • What Defines Real? Kabbalah and Quantum Physics
  • Existential Detective
  • The Hermeneutics of Affirmation—The Jewish Way of Reading the Texts of Torah and Life
  • Medical Utopias in the Jewish Vision of Redemption
  • Infinite-Energy
  • Enhance Your Memory
  • Moshiach bat David—A Look at the Role of Women in the Final Redemption
The Founding Fathers, Free Masons and Kabbalah

Jewish Visions for the Future:
Kabbalistic Insights into the Issues Shaping our Collective Spiritual, Political, Scientific and Cultural Horizons